Saturday, January 17, 2004

Yes yes y'all, I am living fancy free, the iPod life. Never mind that I'm likely living beyond my means, but whatever. It's worth it.

I've got an idea that will yield 2 comics a week for you to enjoy! I will continue the storyline that is blossoming right now at the rate of one comic a week, and also give you guys a little bit o' filler in te middle. Something real simple, like my iPod ad parody, or scanning Funky Winkerbean, and changing the dialougue. Funny stuff.

Have you seen this guy's car? Yeesh, and I thought the Honda Type R freaks were bad enough. For those curious, the "R" stands for "retarded".

I really want to hate Questionable Content, but I just can't. The art is simple, but doesn't suck (even though he constantly complains about how hard it is for him), and the humour is really good sometimes. It's obvious that he has inspirations from Jon Allison for some of his jokes, and that's a good thing. It's too bad that a lot of his punchlines are meant to appease Indy Rock Pete, but that's OK too. I don't suppose anybody else remembers the now-defunct punk-rock comic Nothing Nice 2 Say? No? Good times, they were.


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