Sunday, February 22, 2004

I have been eating at Open Sesame way too much lately. For the third time this week, I've been enjoying their fabulous atmosphere and food. I really should stop, I'd hate to spoil myself.

I don't read other blogs very often, but I've recently tripped over one that has got my interest. In Passing is a collection of conversational tidbits that this woman happens to hear in passing. She jots them down and posts them, and I swear to god that they could write a movie based on some of the nuggets she's recorded. Some writers likely spend their entire lives trying to capture real human comedy, but this stuff is just freakin' gold. Check it out.

What's on myPod?
Rap fans out their, put away your stupid Westside Connection albums. Instead, check out Blackstar, the infinitely cool collaboration between wonder MC Mos Def, and new upcomer Talib Kweli. While Kweli himself brings a slightly gangster flavour to the tracks, it's all still very cerebral, mostly due to Mos Def's contributions. An excellent record. Check it out.


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