Saturday, February 14, 2004

Reading Week is underway, and I'm feelin' fine! Yessir, there's nuthin' better than not going to school! To kick off the reading week, let's do a film review and a music review.

But before we get into that, I'd like to direct your attention to a blog that belongs to a good friend of mine. EB Mike is in Japan with his fiance right now, and he's a much better blogger than I, updating more frequently with interesting posts and pictures. Check him out.

Big Fish
Dare I say that film is Tim Burton's most mature work to date? Sure. This isn't anything what I expected it to be, all the campy post-modern art direction that I've seen from Burton so far has been toned down, or given special meaning. I didn't cry, but a lesser man might have. If you're not a Burton fan, then at least rent this when it comes to video. It goes to suport my theory that Steve Buscemi is indeed in every movie in the world, we just haven't found him yet. Kinda like Waldo.

What's in myPod?
At the suggestion of the fabulous artist behind OMGWTF!, I've been listening to a band that call themselves The New Amsterdams. Good stuff, really. Not quite as good for a self-loathing attitude as say, The Cure, but pretty sappy stuff nonetheless.


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