Saturday, March 20, 2004

Have you ever woken up and totally forgotten who you are? You'll be lying there, wondering why you aren't helping the president with security issues, and then you'll open your eyes and realize that you're in fact just some regular guy. This sort of thing has been happeining to me with an alarming frequency as of late. Oh well.

I just got my "I am ten ninjas" shirt from Diesel Sweeties, and it is super awesome. It has inspired me to collect ninja themed t-shirts from all of my favorite webcomics as they become available. I already have MegaTokyo's "NINJ4" hoodie, and hopefully Sam and Fuzzy's S. Logan will be offering a t-shirt depicting his ninja mafia soon. Beyond that, I can't really find anything.

What's on myPod
The Pharcyde. Old school rap done right. Did you know that they were the first people to say the word "edumacated"? It's true, the wonder that we have always accredited to Homer Simpson was actually an old school rap reference. Go figure.


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