Saturday, March 13, 2004

I want to go to Cuba. The folks just came back, and they brought back all sorts of cool stuff. I got a keen new ring, some cigars, and some really nice rum. Best part of it all is how cheap it was. Ring-6 buxx, Cigars-5 buxx, Rum-8 buxx. That's not much buxx, and they were also having a lot of fun in tropical conditions, free of American peoples.

I'll be gone for a few days this week for the funeral, in Saskatchewan. Yeah.

Saw Bubba Ho-Tep again with Fat Mike today. I figured out why it's so good: It's not a story about Elvis and JFK fighting an evil mummy in a rest home, it's a story about an old guy coming to terms with his own mortality and the cancerous growth on his penis who just happens to be Elvis doing all that hero junk. It's a subject so crazy that they took seriously, and they did it well. I also forgot to mention earlier how excellent the score for the film was. I'd love to get it on myPod.

I could really stand to have something cool happen to me right about now. I'd hate to say that I've let all this stuff get me depressed, but I sure could use a pick-me-up. Whatever.


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