Saturday, March 13, 2004

Ugh, what a terrible way to end what would have been a great week. My grandmother just passed away last night, at the age of 88. It came as no real surprise to me, as she was never in great health, but she cerainly deserved better. I don't think that anybody could say a bad word of her, she herself having never said a bad word of anybody else. It's a tragic loss to be sure.

And I was having such a good week too. I finished my presentation and final project for my stupid General Studies class, and the folks were in Cuba all week, so I got to do a bit of cooking, which I enjoy when I have the time. I had to cancel the barbeque due to homework, but there was only really 2 or 3 people coming anyway.

Watched School of Rock with Jack Black yesterday. Funny stuff. I'm just remembering now that I forgot to take it back to the rental place, so now I'm gonna have to pay the late fee. Crap.

Probably a new comic by Tuesday.


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