Saturday, April 24, 2004

Hey, what's up? Things are goin' pretty well for me, I'm getting ready to start working full-time, just as soon as I take my last exam on Tuesday. Then it's an all-out drive to get the $2000 buxx needed for my G4. Work will likely be filled with me killing time in my normal ways (Pac-Man) and a new way that I've discovered: songwriting. It's not that hard really. I think that the first song that I wrote, "Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good", seems to me like it could be really catchy. Right now I'm working on a theme-song for our band, and also a ballad about pirates and ninjas. They will likely be fighting, like pirates and ninjas are oft to do. The only problem is that there isn't much that rhymes with either of those things. I'm sure that I'll work my way around it.

Right now there is some kind of wind that is blowing this damn building apart. Pieces are flying off, others are hanging on and just banging into the walls, creating a very annoying place to work. Also, my hair is getting really messed up whenever I walk outside.

What's on myPod
Random Song Fight stuff. This is a great site, one that I would suggest everybody check out. Every week, people gather to vote on the name of next week's song. Once the song's name has been decided, internet artists climb out of the woodwork, and post their version of what that song should be. Nominations are made, and the winner is then votd upon. It sounds like a project that Superbrother could be all up ons, once we get our act together.


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