Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I now know what the purpose of this summer is. It is to buy fabulous things. It makes my heart flutter to think of what I could accomplish with this system. Not only does it come with iLife and all other sorts of cool things, but it would not be bogged down by the jillion tax wizarding programs and other such nonsense that bogs down my computer. Portability is also a pretty keen feature. I will work my ass off this summer if it allows me such splendour. I can only assume that GarageBand would help to make up for any talent-based shortcomings that might arise in our new Superbrother project (the song is written, we must jam!).

Besides, it would match my iPod. Speaking of which...

What's on myPod
Aerosmith? Manu Chao? En Vogue? How in hell did this crap get here? The one problem of being in charge of so many songs is that so many bad ones can slip through the cracks. Time to get my delete on.


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