Saturday, April 10, 2004

"Man, I sure hope something happens at work today, I could use a little excitement..."

Famous last words, if ever there were any. Apperantly the studio is filming a live sports show after every Flames game, complete with a live studio audience. This would be pretty awesome, if the audience wasn't shuttled to the studio straight from the nearest sports bar. As a security guard, I have to question the logic of anyone bringing in 50 or so rowdy drunks into a building that's filled to the brim with delicate and expensive things. A fight nearly broke out between me and two larger fellas, but that dissipated quickly, thanks to my quick wit. Surprisingly enough, nothing was broken or stolen, that I know of. It all makes me wonder: If hockey is so great, why does everybody need to be drunk to enjoy it? It seems to me that drinking should be reserved for those who would otherwise find the sport a mindless orgy of violence, sometimes interupted with a little black puck.

Oh yeah, and I think that we started a band. After festivities died down last night, I proposed to Ryan that we put our collective creativity together and cut an album. We had attempted this the previous summer, as a hip-hop group, but I have largely given in to the fact that I am far too priveleged for that kind of endeavour. So indie rock it is. We jammed for an hour or so, with Ryan on auchustic, and me on bongos. It was a lot of fun, which is how I assume making music should be. If you are a friend of mine, and know how to play anything, you're likely in the band as well, and just didn't know it until now. Practice starts at 6am in Ryan's garage, don't be late.

What's on myPod
Weezer. You can't go wrong with Weezer. My stupid brother argues that thye are the origin of Emo, while I tend to argue that he is a jackass Sam Roberts loving hippie. It doesnt count as Emo music when you're singing about your girlfriend and she's a lesbian. Then it's just funny.


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