Saturday, May 22, 2004

Hell, I Can't Slow Down...
After my grandiose challenge to Ryan, I feel it would only be fair of me to also challenge Mike to something similar. Hey Mike, I challenge you to proofread your damn blog. Or at least jazz it up a little, with some pictures or something, or maybe just change some of the colours or what not.

In related news, I too will be jazzing this place up a bit. I've noticed that over the months I've been pretty slack on hypertexting important musical links, so the plan is to go and create a list of all the artists I've highlighted over the course of time, and link to their sites on a seperate page that will be under construction. I think that would be pretty awesome.

Let's talk about super powers. Every grade school kid has had the discussion: "what superpower would you have?", right? Coming of age now, I realize that such fantastic things such as super-strength and agility, teleportation and flying would not be very practical in the real world. There's no super-villains with which to pit them up against, which is really all that they're good for. No, thinking about it now, I would settle for light psychic reading, not unlike Mel Gibson had in the trashy What Women Want. Instantly, I could cut through the bullshit of conversations, and get to what's really going on. But of course, with great power comes great responsibilty, or something.

Speaking of super, the new American Express commercials are pretty funny.

What's on myPod
The sweet ska stylings of Common Rider. It's a shame that they broke up. Hell, they are great for some mild bemusement, if nothing else. On a side note, Mitch Clem's latest project, Barrett's Lament, is pretty neat.


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