Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hooray hooray! Ryan has picked up the gauntlet, and so our little firendly blog war has begun! Prepare to be bombarded with obscure music so great, you kick your mom in the face. Having said that, I shall get on with my submission for cool obscurity.

Some of you out there in internetland might be saying "Tay, your music is obscure, but some of this indie rock of yours is just kind of sissy. I mean, what the hell is Modest Mouse, a bunch of pre-pubecent boys singing songs about abstract concepts?" Fair enough. If you've ever walked into a vintage clothing store in Calgary lately, you've heard Modest Mouse. They are Modestly good, but don't have a lot of kick.

So I'm gonna suggest that you turn up some of The Blood Brothers, and watch as the paint strips itself from your walls. This is some abrasive shit right here, yet it is still unlike any heavy metal or grindcore punk I've ever heard. You're mom will love this band, that much is certain. Grab the track Ambulance vs. Ambulance, and get ready to be blown away.

Having engaged in blogging challenges ourselves, Ryan and I are putting forth a collective challenge to our readerships. It goes as such: you should blog. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or what have you. It just has to be fun. Because as much fun as me and Ryan have telling you about all the cool stuff we know, it stands to reason that everybody else out there knows about a bunch of other cool stuff too, stuff that we would like to know about. So blog! It doesn't cost anything, and there's plenty of sites out there that are willing to help you.


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