Saturday, May 08, 2004

I'm at work now, which is the norm for these updates, and the weather is quite pleasent. Summer is here, as can be witnessed by the earlier sunrises. I was enjoying the most recent one while on the job, and looked to my left and realized: This building is not 50 feet away from a freakin' garbage dump! I'm hoping that the hot hot heat doesn't make for a stench of biblical proportions.

Wasted the day reading the archives of Savage Love, Dan Savages weekly column. After it dropped out of syndication from Calgary's second-best indie rag, I had lost touch, and forgotten how much of a treasure it can be. I laughed the whole way through.

What's on myPod
Back to the land of the rising sun for some hard-rock lovin', it's Asian Kung-Fu Genertation! These guys do a lot of work for the anime Naruto, which I would also highly reccomend.

When it comes to rock, the measure of whether it is any good or not falls into two catergories:
1) What you are rocking about, and
2) How well it is that you rock out.

If you're rocking out about your stupid girlfriend leaving you, you had better the hell rock out pretty damn hard, as the topic is old hat. If you are rocking out about something unique, such as ambulances that fight each other, you may feel free to rock out however you like.

But that's just my opinion. Later!


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