Saturday, May 15, 2004

It's like this blog just won one of those reality shows, and it got a total makeover or something. If you miss the old look of the site, head on over to my friend Fat Mike's blog, and he will hook you up. Try to overlook the spelling, punctuation, grammer, and spacing.

Matt should be back from E3 soon, and I could not be more jealous. No doubt he will drive us all crazy, regailing wild tales of the greatest expo of the year. He did send me a couple text messages, apperantly the Nintendo DS is the shit. I am more interested in if he got to meet Gabe and Tycho, and how Splinter Cell 3 is looking.

My "Faith in Humanity" level has taken several sever dives lately, in part because I renewed my XBox Live subscription. Man, but do I hate at least 95% of this planet.

I'm trying to write a new song, but I can't think of anything great that rhymes with "laser-guided missle launcher".


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