Friday, May 28, 2004

Jeez, what a way to wake up. The stupid radio is blasting in my ear, it's Vibe 98.5. They're doing their stupid "Lyrical Fitness" challenge, which used to be good back when they would feature old-school rap songs to test your mad skillz. Now they only do the top 40s and junk. Anyway, I knew the answer (Timberlake), so I called them up to see if I could win something cool. I did indeed win, and boy is it something cool.

4 passes to The Mint nightclub, free limo ride to the club, $50 to spend while in the club, and a "Vibe CD collection" featuring the new (shitty) Westside Connection album. I figure I can pawn the CDs for cash, and treat some of my friends to a kick-ass time.

Oh yeah, and I just got promoted at work. Full-time hours, and my weekends are free! So it would look as though everything is coming up rosy for me. Now I'll be able to afford cool things this summer, like that Powerbook, and get my tattoo finished.

Ryan, we need to jam sometime again. I wrote a new song while working suicide watch at the hospital, and I think it's pretty rad. It's a punkish ballad about a samurai that fights a robot. It stems half from a need to tip my hat to The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, and half from a need to rhyme with "laser-guided plasma rockets". As for you listening homework dear readers, the title track of the afformentioned album should do just fine.


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