Thursday, May 06, 2004

Okay, first and formost, I have to link you to the greatest idea nerds have ever had. So you say that you liked Pac-Man, but it has since become old hat? Try the new and improved Pac-Manhatten. I am currently reconsidering my vacation plans...

Oh crap, when did Modest Mouse become too popular? It was probably when I bought their new album, and there was 3 whole racks of it at the HMV. Dammit, But do I hate having to use my "sell out" tone of voice.

The new iTunes is out, with higher compression rates for your ripped albums. Does this mean I have to re-rip my entire library, just for the sake of a gig or two's worth of space saved? Maybe, but I'll worry about that once I can fill up 20 gigs. At the present moment, my iPod stands with 6.7 gigs of music.

What's on myPod
I've really been getting into Le Tigre lately. It's like going to an art show, and you totally don't get what the hell the picture is, but then you stare at it for a long time, and you're all like "Oh, it's a dog playing poker".Deceptacon has got to be my favorite track.


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