Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sweet Jesus-Buddha with guns!
Matt came back from E3 with a special present for me: A signed copy of the Penny Arcade Splinter Cell comic! How cool is that? Very cool. Also, the word is that the Nintendo DS will own you.

I transferred the wine from the primary fermatation chamber (read: garbage can) to the secondary fermentation chamber (read: jug) today. Everything seemed to go smoothly: the syphoning went without any problems, and the sediment stuck quite well to the bottom. One hitch: I broke the specific gravitometer. Woops. Well we don't need one for another 10 days, so we'll be fine for now.

Oh, and in case your wondering about what I'm getting in return for Matt, I ordered him the Scary Go Round 3-pack of comics. I know that it's his favorite comic on the net, so I know he'll love it.


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