Friday, May 21, 2004

This Here's A Throwdown, A Showdown...
Hopefully everybody reading this has already checked out Ryan's One Hit Combo. Normally I find his reccomended listenings to be quite delightful, but his most recent post finds him suggesting Christina Aguilera as a decent musical act.

My point is not that she's not talented, she is. One glance at any of her live shows will tell you that the bitch can sing. My point is that it is not necessary for bloggers such as us to tell people about her. Humans already have television, radio, movies, and soft drinks to tell us to listen to Christina Aguilera. What they really need is for us to let them know about cool, obscure shit that they would otherwise miss out on.

And so I issue this challenge: Bring on the most obscure and cool music acts that you know of. Show the people that you are indier than thou. We'll go toe-to-toe, fronting our musical knowledge and helping people be cooler at the same time.

I know you have it in you. How do I know? Because just the other day I found those CDs of The Pillows that you burned for me last year. Do you remember that?

So what do you say Ryan? Do you challenge?


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