Friday, June 18, 2004

Ryan, if Firefox ain't treatin' you right, try Avant Browser. It's not the prettiest app you've ever used, but it makes up for it in functionality and efficiency. I swear, it cuts 10% of my browsing time, just through little things that make it work better.

Jon, that was THE dirtiest joke I've ever heard. Good lord. To try and compete, you should check out this audio mix of an old Lucasarts Indiana Jones point-and-click games. I was falling out of my chair when I heard this, because I can still remember actually playing this game. Of course, I was so young at the time that the innuendo flew over my head, but now I see what the developers really had in mind.

Mike, your new layout is crazy. At first I thought that my browser was buggin' out, but then I remembered that you are some kind of coding god. Great work!

Everybody everybody, come to my birthday party! It's gonna be Saturday, July 3rd, and it's gonna rock. I'm thinking we'll go out to dinner at Open Sesame, followed by some club action.


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