Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Alright, the last few posts have been pretty slim pickin's, so here's where I drop a load of cool stuff on your asses.

Fat Mike is a theatre guy, who likes theatre. Me, not so much. However, there is one show that I can think of that would certainly change my mind. Wow, that looks terrible.

What is likely to be my next internet t-shirt purchase? It involves ninjas of course, and this may very well be the most accessible ninja joke to grace a t-shirt.

I used that gift certificate to HMV that Kyle got me for the B-Day to pick up Phantom Planet's latest opus. I guess that they did a song for The OC, which I guess is a show on the tele-vision. I like their sound though, so I won't hold this against them. I also special ordered The Joggers Solid Guild album, it should be here in 4-6 weeks. I hate HMV.

I have realized that I've been far too cheerful lately, and that I should also learn to play an instrument. To solve both of these problems at once, I went to Axe Music, and picked up a harmonica. Already I'm moodier, and I've only learned the C scale! This is going to be awesome.

Also, Me, Phil, Fat Mike and Matt are constantly badgering each other when we get together to play video games. Wether it's cooperative or competitive, somebody is always screwing things up, and become reffered to as "The Ass-Hat". This title is then actively shifted throughout the group as the events proceed. What we've needed is a physical "ass-hat" to signify who is indeed being the jerk. I think that I may have found just the place where an appropriate hat may be acquired. Sufficiently ridiculous and embarrassing, almost any of these hats would do the trick.


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