Sunday, July 04, 2004

First things first: I'm drunk as hell. I'm so drunk. I can't even believe that I can spell better than Mike can when he's sober. So drunk. This is so insane. When I walked in the door, my younger brother was still awake. He could see how drunk I was, mostly because I walked in his room and told him how drunk I was. Ugh. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna puke or not, I think that decision will be made he near future. I think this time I will not delete this post, and instead leave it as a testament to how stupid I can get after too much alchohol. That should teach me a good lesson, as I'm sure I might puke in the neat futer (15-20 minutes).

I gave Jon, Adam and Phil 2 CD's each, and they gave me nothinging in return. How's that for gratitude? I think they got me something from the internet, but that remains to be proven. For Adam, I gave him the new Westside Connection album, and the Will I. Am "Tracks to Get The Party Started" album. For the mainstream rap, they are 2 pretty awesome albums.

Jon got a copy of 8 Million Stories (I can still do HTML!!!), and Dead Ringer, so you can scratch both of those off your birthday list for him. I rock so hard, Igot him an album that he wanted, and an album that he didnt' even know he wanted, but actually did. I rock hard like that. I'm so drunk right now.

Ugh. Last of all, I gave Phil that Ska For Phil playlist album I made, as well as a copy of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, which I think he'll like. It plays out like a mini-opera, kinda like The Matrix meets Planet of the Apes. If he is cool, he will think it's the most awesome-est thing ever. I'm gonna go to the bathroom now, and possible puke. I only hope that this stands as a testament as to how not-hard typing is, even when you're "fucking drunk as hell", as apposed to Fat Mike's typing, which is approlable in any situation. I am awesome, and that is all I really need you to know.

Have a Good Day, and be Cool about everything. Good-Bye.


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