Sunday, July 18, 2004

The harmonica and I are having a blast so far, I've been able to transcribe 2 songs that are awesome while at work. The first one is Suddenly Everything Has Changed by Postal Service. The other one is the intro/outro violin sample from Blackalicious' soulful Day One track, on the Blazing Arrow EP. I get misty every time I hear that sample.
Ryan's got this crazy idea where we would use an acoustic guitar and blues harp to cover several rap songs for an album. I think that it's just so crazy that it might work. We've got a list of tracks we'd like to do ranging from Young MC to Ugly Duckling. It should definitly be a lot of fun.
Also concerning Ryan, the man knows how to do barbeque right. Those shishkebobs (spelling???) were awesome.
I have discovered THE single greatest easter-egg on Homestar Runner. In the ATM Downloads section, do a balance inquiry. You have $0.00. Click on the $0.00 that you have, and Leonard Sportsinterviews' ATM card will appear. Click and drag the card into the machine. It then asks for Leonard's PIN number. If you watch the Credit Card Email, Homestar gives Strongbad his credit card number. The first 4 digits of the number are the pin number. All of this unlocks the Homsar Quote Pack, which is some really hilarious stuff. Enjoy!


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