Thursday, July 01, 2004

Pardon My French...
Quest ca c'est la bruhaha? As it turns out, I had a birthday again this year, making it 21 consecutive birthdays now. Hooray for me. I see turning 21 as a step toward a more mature Tay. Keeping that in mind, there's going to have to be some changes around here:

1. I'm going to have to stop ordering off of the Kid's Menu at Denny's. If I want a hotdog that badly, I can either find a vendor or make some at home. In fact, Las Vegas happens to advertise the cheapest foot-longs on every corner of the strip...

2. I'm going to have to stop getting acne. Seriously face, this is just not funny anymore.

3. From now on, I'll only be using clean, Christian pickup lines.

The election went by much as planned, and the results should prove interesting. I could have told you that the Liberals would win with a minority government, but I guess some people wanted to believe that the Conservatives actually stood a chance (HA!), just to make things fun. My prediction: No Confidence Vote in early 2005.


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