Thursday, August 19, 2004

Recap of the month: I was growing a beard, a project that was meant to last until September, but was recently aborted after my beard was driving me to kill. Also, I'm not crazy about how it was looking. Maybe if I start to lose my hair I will make a real attempt at growing a Sam Beam, which would be totally rad.

Let's see... I also got some new CD's. I picked up Tyrannosaurus Hives, as well as Hear Music Playlist Volume 2, which is a compilation of songs put together by Starbuck's executives, I think. It's surprisingly very good. This Hives are also very good, but that's not as much of a surprise.

I'm not sure if I've informed anyone of the Tay/Ryan CD exchange, but it's been pretty rad too. Basically, I just steal all of Ryan's CD's, rip them to the iPod, and then cull the herd. There's been some really great stuff. I'd have to say that the Best albums I've gotten from him are Franz Ferdinand's self-titled release, Stereo MC's Retroactive, and Esthero's Breath From Another.

I also made a Rad Rap CD for Adam, and he called me today to tell me how much he enjoyed it. I made a small change to the playlist since, here's a screeshot of it. Bear in mind: This is only the definitive rap CD given the fact that you've already listened to the mandatory Quality Control and Blazing Arrow, two of the most cohesive albums in rap.

Hold up, I'm not done yet. First you have to check out what makes the animation industry in Japan so damn cool, and why the American animation industry is at least 10-12 years behind.


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