Friday, September 10, 2004

Okay, time for a serious post, with words that are bold and italisized. Who knows, I may even hypertext something that looks cool.

First off, I must deal with my fellow bloggers. Ryan, I apologize for snapping at you earlier, and I'm not just saying that so I can score your copy of Action Pact. Really. I also bring bad news. You may have to get a new favorite album, as Shaq is coming out with his sixth full release, which to me sounds utterly insane.

For something a bit stranger, check out Twelve Girls Band. They're not strange because they do a killer cover of Coldplay's Clocks with traditional chinese instruments. They're not strange because they inexplicably debut at number 62 on the billboard top 200. No, they're strange because there's actually 13 of them in the band. Strange.

Colm always surprises me with his excellent taste in music. I guess I should stop being surprised, as it's kind of insulting to the guy. To make up for it, I offer these awesome suggestions. If you've been digging The Postal Service (my favorite track is Suddenly Everything Has Changed), give American Analog Set. The recommended track? Punk as Fuck. You're just going to have to trust me on this one man.

Also, Jack Johnson is some pretty funky campfire/surfer goodness, but please don't ignore the infinitly funkier G Love and his back-up band, Special Sauce. These guys just signed onto Jack Johnson's Brushfire Fairytales record label, and their newest release is supposed to be the shit, although I've yet to get my paws on it. Download Philedelphonic, Cold Beverage, and Daydreaming, and just lose yourself in the blues-inspired achoustic hip-hopish, jam session-syled awesomeness. Also, the dude plays a wicked blues harp, which I have much respect for.

Man, that post wore me right out, what with all the damn text-tags. I'm going to bed.


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