Thursday, November 18, 2004

If you've been following along lately, you may have noticed that I lied. I did not in fact post 10 comics within the 10 hour time limit I gave myself. I should have known at the time that I was asking for too much of myself. As it turns out 10 is not a small number. It is a big number.

I was able to create seven new comics for your general

Politics seems to be the topic of conversation lately. I don't speak CNN-ese or anything, but I do have an opinion on most things. The guy who shot that wounded and unarmed guy in the head was probably either bored/frustrated/really fucking stupid, or a more-likely combination of all three. In any case, I think that his actions represent the mindset of the entire military, and he was just a bit dumber in not being able to to control himself. Jones, and other crazies like him, have stated from the start how much easier this war could be if it were allowable to simply kill everybody. Just glass over the middle east and drill through it for the oil. That is what is going through the heads of these marines. They blame the Iraqi people for this war, because they obviously don't blame the president who started it. That frustration, combined with the fact that the maximum IQ for anybody allowed in the army is 38 is bound to cause some problems. Much like Abu-Garib, the situation will become a spectacle, while those responsible will be swept under the rug and forgetten.

A former intelligence officer for the FBI set himself on fire in front of the white house the other day. It reminded me of those buddhist monks who did the same in protest of Vietnam. They succeeded in killing themselves though, where this man failed. The point of the act is to say "I am making you deal with your shit" and then leaving in a glorious blaze. Symbolically, I think that's what the US should do. Leave Iraq, leave the middle east, make them deal with their shit. No more of this White Man's Burden. Fix your damn continent, and if you so much as look at us in anger, we will glass you over. Just looking at this post, I can see that I would not do well in the military. I would probably shoot somebody in the head.


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