Friday, November 19, 2004


Hopefully this version will pay due tribute to the origins of this cult classic. If Bruce Campbell is indeed starring in the project, they are already halfway there. Failing that, the only replacement actor I could suggest would be Nicholas Brendon, whos stint on Buffy perfectly emulated the Ash character. They just better not screw this up for me, whoever "they" is.

I'd like to apologize for the recent batch of comics recently. They're crap, both in humour and actual product. If the coding isn't a blatent sign that these were rushed, allow me to tell you: these were rushed. I don't think that I'll be subjecting you guys to this filler for much longer though. Instead, I've got a new idea that might just work. Stay tuned.

How in HELL did the themes to Cheers, Home Improvement, and Family Matters get on my iPod? No doubt that either Jon or Colm is to blame, and that this simply slipped through the cracks during the Glorious File Transfer. Luckily, I no longer allow passengers in my car to listen to the dangerous brew that is a fully random iPod, I have playlists that are customized for this purpose. Of course, I never would have instituted this policy were it not for the Star Wars Gangsta Rap Debacle of '04 (We got deathstar!). I think that this situation closely resembles that of international diplomacy.

The way I see it, the US is like that really mean kid that nobody liked in school, but everybody was nice to him because he had a cool swimming pool. If you pretended to like him and went to his birthday party, he'd let you swim in his pool. If not, he'd bomb your ass back to the stoneage. Of course, it was all an act, nobody liked that kid, and it was generally known that he was a bastard.

Of course, to complete this analogy, the kid's pool would have been made by slave labour, but that's a beef for another barbeque.


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