Thursday, December 09, 2004

James Brown. The Godfather of Soul. This guy is an incredible entertainer. He's never been much for singing, rather than just barking out his lyrics, but he's got a band together that really turns it out. That sax player that looked like Ron Jeremy was crazy, and also included in his ensemble was his wife and son. Awwww! Seriously, the only way I can conceive that concert being better is if James Brown took the stage by flying through the audience on a complicated system of cables and pulleys. Well worth the ticket price, that's for sure.

Having said that, I have recently started a controversy by stating that I do not like classic rock, The Beatles in particular. My reason for this is that idolation of the classics stifles creativity and progression. Yes, modernism has led popular music to being controlled by teenage dancers with more talent in their midriffs than in their voices. But I'm willing to risk these triple-synched pieces of crap if the philosophy allows us to move into a musical movement that is genuinely worth it. And what's so great about old music anyway? There's plenty of resons to not enjoy the Beatles.

I also made another bold claim last night, and that was to prove that punk music was invented by black people. It's a well-known fact that all popular music genres have been invented by black people, and stolen by white people, with rap music being the exception. That's just a big rip-off of country/western.


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