Friday, January 07, 2005

The Evil Trifecta, AKA My Bad Day
Bad things happen to me in threes. They don't happen often, but when they do they bring a couple friends along. They usually follow a theme too: one will give me a headache, one will drain my savings account, and the third is a wild-card. Last time, I ran into an ex-girlfriend, got my car towed, and was super-late for work; all while carrying the burning pain of a fresh tattoo.

Today I got a papercut. I hate papercuts more than anything. More than knife cuts, sword cuts, blunt-force trauma whatever. So to follow that little mishap, I decided to crash my car. Not too badly I don't think, but repairs could cost anywhere from $400-$1400 dollars. Automotive repair is funny like that. The only major problem is that I now have to enter my car from the passenger side. Lovely.

And the third thing? Well, let's just say that my New Year's Resolution didn't last very long.

I'm sleeping in today.


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