Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Okay people, MacWorld has come and gone, and I'm not impressed. At least with the new hardware they've announced. What we now have is the iPod Shuffle, and the Mac Mini. These would have to be the two worst products Apple has ever released.

The iPod Shuffle is a flash-based USB key-drive, with a headphone jack. Woopee. Also, it sports the rad feature of complete randomness: there is no display readout of any kind. This is such a rad feature, I'm considering doing it to my own iPod. Pretty good stuff!

And what about the Mac Mini? Sure, it's super tiny, and it's a decent computer. But it's less powerful than the iMac G5's, and is also lacking a display. What's ridiculous is this: if you want to get an Apple Cinema display to go with your new cube, the cost would be so much that it's more sensible to get the iMac G5 with built-in display. Apple really doesn't think much of their target demographic lately, I must say.

On the other hand, iLife '05 looks to kick severe ass, and I want it badly. It's a good thing that Apple made a slower computer to run their more advanced software, with a smaller hard drive, to accomodate the smaller MP3 libraries that suckers will now have to keep for their retarded MP3 players.

I don't get marketing.


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