Saturday, January 22, 2005

Okay, so I guess I owe some links here and there, as previous posts have been lacking.

To start off with, JP Mike was regaling tales of being an english teacher in Japan earlier, stating that children would clasp there hands together, stick out there pointer fingers, and try to stick them up your ass. At the time I thought this was pure bunk, but confirming reports of the disturbing game of Kancho have now been discovered. Tell us Mike, do they try to grab your penis too, or is it just one unlucky teacher?

For webcomic goodness, check out Jonny Crossbones. It's story reeks of old-school Tin-Tin, except for the fact that Jonny has the coolest name ever, whereas Tin-Tin most certainly does not. Honestly, Crossbones is my favorite webcomic character ever. Simply genious design/artwork.

Oh, and Phil, check this out, I'm sure it's good for a laugh. Wizard ninjas!

In other news, my car is back from the dead, and my savings account is empty. It cost $1350, which is scarily close to the upper limit of my initial estimate. Next time I will make sure my estimate is much lower. To be fair, the first body shop I took it to wanted $3300, which is more than the car is worth, dead or alive. Whatever. Now I'm starting back at square one, savings wise. That G5 gets further and further away every day.


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