Sunday, February 20, 2005

Condensed complaint against Grammies:

1) Stop giving Norah Jones/Sting every available award. Give them a lifetime achievement each and then let somebody else have a chance.

2) Stop giving awards to every single performer that night. Not even Paris Hilton returns the favour that fast.

3) Invite back Wu-Tang. The last time they came by in 1998 was the last good show you guys had. "Wu-Tang is for the children!!!"

4) Slap yourselves for choosing Wilco over Modest Mouse in the alternative catergory. Be honest, you just liked their movie where they fight the record company for the rights to their songs, only to turn around and sell them back to the same label. It's the most beautiful sell-out story in the world.

5) Kanye West may have been the right pick out of all the rap nominations, but that's not saying much. It's not really saying anything at all.

Ryan was asking earlier if their were any televised music awards shows that gave trophies to good music. I don't know about that, but I watched about 10 minutes of the Brit Awards, and I was frickin' impressed. Scissor Sister won over Maroon 5, Shawn of the Dead presented an award to Franz Ferdinand, The Streets did a wicked performance and then lost for Best Single. I was super-happy. Hopefully it will be replayed several times, it seems that the english know music.


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