Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I Love the Smell of Commerce

Went to the mall today. Bought some clothes, some books, and some music. I don't really want to talk about the clothes, they're not interesting to talk about. Let's talk about the other stuff.

I am very close to owning the entire works of Chuck Palahniuk, which is pretty cool. Now all I have to do is read them. I'm half-way through Diary, after that I think I'll take on Lullabye. I still need to lend Ryan Choke, assuming that he's in between books at the moment.

I didn't want to buy music at the mall, but my credit card is being stupid (read: overdrawn), so I couldn't use the iTMS. Oh well. Picked up the new Beck (special edition w/DVD, in case you care). It's pretty rad, but you knew that already. It's more in line with Odelay and Minite Vultures than it is with Sea Change and Mutations, which is a good thing in my case. I didn't really care for those albums. Included on the special edition is some bonus remixes by Dizee Rascal and the Boarders of Canada, which was surprising.

I also got Iron & Wine's Our Endless Numbered Days and The Flaming Lips' Soft Bulletin. They're good too.


At 12:43 AM, Blogger Man of the Century said...

I actually am between books, at least as far as leisure reading is concerned. I'm reading a novel and a half every week to get caught up for school though. Busy busy. I have to read two and half this week. As soon as this unpleasantness is over though, I'd be down for some Palahniuk.

At 12:45 AM, Blogger Man of the Century said...

Also, Tay, if you haven't read Colm's blog, Joel Plaskett is in town next Saturday. I'd be down for that if someone else (maybe you) wanted go.

At 4:29 PM, Blogger Cara-bellum said...

What I really wanna know is... do you really have a full-on beard now? Cuz that's rather disturbing. What if you look like a hippy? =(

At 5:47 PM, Blogger jon said...

That picture might, just might, have something to do with the Iron & Wine album he said he bought.

At 12:00 AM, Blogger Man of the Century said...

It's cool. Tay doesn't look like a hippie - it's more along the lines of a scrawny lumberjack.

At 6:22 AM, Blogger Tay said...

...and Jon wins the pop-culture reference award for the second post in a row. It's no big secret that I admire Sam Beam for his beard as much for his music.

As for the state of my actual beard, I grudgingly agree that it's of scrawny-lumberjack caliber. I'm gonna shave it like right now, cuz it's itchin' like crazy.

Concerning Joel Plaskett... I dunno. Maybe? Joel Plaskett seems like the kinda concert that you would take a lady (or a girl, I guess) to.

Maybe I should award points and stuff for catching pop-culture references, and keep score and give prizes. That might be a fun thing to do.

At 6:01 PM, Blogger Cara-bellum said...

I think your and my ideas of pop culture are probably gonna be very different! =) No matter, prizes are always fun. Especially if they're wrapped in shiny tin-foil or something. ooooh, shiny.


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