Saturday, March 12, 2005


Man, people should be lining up to rub my head and stuff, because I'm just bursting with good luck. I scored a job interview at the university for a security job, which would pay nearly twice as much money than what I'm making now. I got the feeling like I just can't lose, and it's pretty wicked.

Just for kicks, here's a list of things I'll be doing with the cash from this new dream job:

1) Buy back my iMac G5.
2) Pay off my credit card.
3) Replace old busted iPod with 60 gig iPod Photo.
4) Pay off credit card again.
5) Collect furniture.
6) Find apartment.

Aw, hells yeah. Nothing can go wrong with this, I can feel it.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger The Irishman said...

nice gig that would be. Does that mean you would be called to throw us out of the den during march madness or something? cuz that'd be sweet...

tay, I've heard reports the old 40 gig photo is on sale at certain places including I believe the apple store (not sure anymore) for the price of the 30 gig one with the dock and stuff to clear inventory... just if that would interest you.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Cara-bellum said...

Oh my god, if you get that job, then maybe I can update your record on our database. My life is full of data-entry joy.

That was my warped way of saying "Good Luck". And, "I still don't like the blue, but if I can rollover them and they turn pretty yellow, I can live with that". Mostly the first part though.


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