Thursday, April 14, 2005

I Saw A Movie That I Kinda Liked

Please don't bother guessing. Sin City was pretty good on the whole, I thought. Yeah, the acting was bad, bad like having a .22 aimed at your crotch while your wife just won't stop crying and maybe you're being robbed or something. But that's what cheesy film noir is in part, right? The visuals were killer, but that goes without saying. Also, Frodo extends his acting talents away from Swords n' Horses movies, playing the creepiest ninja ever.

Tuesday has come and gone, and with it Martha Wainright's first album. I bought it, hoping that Rufus' kid sister would be able to recapture the playful wit of big brother's Poses. She doesn't. No, instead it's just a talented singer with minimalist back-up bearing her soul with her melodic songs. BOOOOOORING!!!! At least she has the talent to deserve an album, unlike a certain other popstar I'd rather not mention. I wonder how it went...

Certain Unmentioned Popstar: Mooooom!!! I want to do an album and a reality show! Jessica got to have an album and a reality show, why can't I?!

Certain Unmentioned Popstar's Mom: Because, we can't afford the plastic surgery to cover your insanely large honker. Oh yeah and also you can't sing for shit.

CUP: You don't understand! You all understand! Er, I mean, don't understand. I'm gonna be sure to write a song about how nobody understands me!

At least albums on iTunes are hella cheap. Granted, I took a gamble with this one, but I sure as hell wasn't going to buy the new Garbage. Live and learn.


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