Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Told Ya So

A while back I made a prediction on one of our blog's comment threads, saying that The Bellrays would be the next band to either make it big or sell out. I totally wonged that, but guess my surprise when I flip channels, only to hear them schlocking SUVs for Nissan? That's right, I know how to call 'em.

Since I obviously have some hidden talent for this sort of thing, I'll try again: My prediction is that The Go! Team will have their works featured in an upcoming commercial. Give it a few months. Their style of mixing 50's pop with 80's hip-hop is catchy stuff, and could surely sell a burger or two.

In financial news, I finally got the raise that I'd been pushing weeks to get. This pretty much makes things peachy-keen on the whole "getting enough money to move out" front. It's funny, I actually feel compelled to do a somewhat half-assed job now, rather than my previous 3/8ths of a job.

In great news, Matthew has finally joined the blogoshpere! He is always an awesome guy to talk to about things, so giving him an open forum to express opinions should be nothing less than fascinating. Also, we now get to discover the greatest mystery of all: Which Soul Calibur character is he?

In bad news, Chuck Palahniuk is doing a book reading/signing today, in the Chapters on Macleod and Southland. I am working. This is bad news. I might be able to convince Sarah to go in my place, and get my copy of Haunted signed. Which would be rad. If not, then I guess it's okay. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be listening to him tell the story of meeting St. Gut-Free, the man who lost 90% of his large intestine when it was sucked out of his ass from sitting on a swimming pool suction vent while masturbating. Did I mention that his new book is a bit creepy?


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