Saturday, July 16, 2005

I would like to withdraw my previous accusation against Fat Mike, wherein I stated that he had moved us to the back alley of a porn store. Armed with an actualy address to scope out, I now find that our abode is situated on the southern, more convinient side of 16th ave. In fact, we are right beside a coffee shop, a classy-looking liquor store, and a Pizza 73. Radness.

Really, the only way I can describe this house is thus: It's the kind of house that you would live with Fat Mike in it. It looks pretty nice on the outside, although the lawn is a bitty ratty. Hopefully the dude will follow through and schedule a walk-through for the inside, so I can see if it hella sucks or not. I am being led to believe that it will not hella suck.

On a different note, Jon had alerted me to a fun way to make cheap booze good. While this may be a great idea in the USA, here in Alberta our booze is taxed such that I would likely spend more on cheap vodka/Brita filters than I would on a bottle of Grey Goose or Ketel One. Probably. However, I am definitly intrigued by the other types of fun that could be had with vodka, such as making your own schnapps. That sounds like a booze-related hobby that wouldn't take up as much precious real estate as the wine business does. We'll have to see.


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