Saturday, November 05, 2005

If hell does exist, then the devil's a scientist

Today has been a really rad day, despite what my body may be telling me right now. I woke up to my favorite fruit smoothie, being as it is one of few breakfast options that I can afford. Not more than an hour later, it became obvious that my blender concoction was not sitting right. Upon further investigation, it would appear that both the milk and the orange juice that were used had expired several days previous. Basically this was bad news.

It was especially bad news, as I had to go meet Chelsea (formerly known as Hot Adbusters Girl) and friends for dinner at Mysore Palace. I guess we were celebrating Indian New Year, or something like that. In any case, the buffet was packed with a countless number of digestables, none of which went without chilies, or peppers, or edible fire. We are talking about some spicy food here. While trying to simultaneously hold down both the contents of my stomach as well as intelligent conversation, I met some very interesting people. Not only were these other guests interesting, they were connected.

I think I may have an idea where to focus my job search. A couple of people at this shindig had contacts in the voice acting industry, and thought that I was a natural. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I did give out my phone number/email to a woman who promised to hook me up, so to say. Who knows? I may be the voice of the next doomed-to-dissapoint anime import. Wouldn't that be something? Dubbing any anime hero is easy, all you have to do is pretend that you're a SoCal stoner with constipation. Think about it, you know I'm right.

Also, things between me and Chelsea have been going really well lately. I'm commited to not screwing things up here. Yeah, I think that it might be rad to try not screwing things up this time. What is it that I'm not going to screw up? This.


At 4:46 AM, Blogger Tay said...

I forgot to mention: Am I the only person flipping out over the new Zion-I album? I shouldn't be, not when the guest list includes Gift of Gab, Aesop Rock, Talib Kweli, and Del tha Funky Homosapian. The album's called True & Livin', and it's easily on my Best List for 2005. This is socially conscious hip-hop at it's best. My only regret now is that I'm only listening to these guys now.

At 5:05 AM, Blogger The Man In Japan said...

Just a thought. If you're not screwing it up, then I hope there's SOME kinda screwing involved...for your sake.

Also, you'll need to find something else that needs screwing up, because that outlet needs to be to speak.

At 8:17 AM, Blogger jon said...

I have a couple of Zion I tracks from FWMJ's Rappers I Know Month which I liked. Where did you find the album?

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Tay said...

My older brother actually hooked me up with a copy. It turns out he's not as lame as he tries to be.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Cara-bellum said...

It would be totally sweet if you did voice-acting. Sailor Mars does voice acting now... she's 'Chrissy' on 6Teen, whatever the heck that means.

And, if you get some anime series, you can give Noah a run for his money. "I'm so pumped. I wanna fight someone. I'm gonna kick his ass. I'm so pumped."

At 10:06 PM, Blogger Tay said...

What I don't understand is why everybody seems to have this obsession with following the career of Sailor Mars. That's just weird.

Also, being a voice in some crappy anime import would be a pretty hilarious job. I can see it now, picking up my paycheque and laughing myself to tears.


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