Friday, December 23, 2005

Holidays is Stressful

Okay, this list thing is going to be finished later, maybe in the new year. Right now the holidays have me way too stressed. I'll explain.

Shopping for my dad is never easy. He's literally the man with everything, it's just that every year he ends up having even more. This year, I got off easy by knowing exactly what to get for him: a workbench lamp with a goose neck and magnifying lense. Whatever the hell that is. So I've been trying for the past week to find out what the hell this thing is, and where it can be purchased. With things getting down to the wire time-wise, I've been in no mood for anybody's crap. Fast forward to last night.

After searching my second Home Depot of the day, I kinda lost it. It must be mandatory for all employees on the floor to be as "differently tarded" as possible. Each employee I talked to was more useless than the last when I asked them about this item, but they all shared the same ridiculous bit of wisdom with me.

"Did you check our lighting department?"

No, that was the last place I would ever think to look, thank you. At the end of my rope, I tried to bribe an employee with $5 to be my guide through the lighting department, rather than just point me towards it and brush me off. Once again I was brushed off, this time by some slack-jawed punk.

"I'm kinda busy right now," he tells me while picking his noseand staring at the courtesy phone.

So I flipped out and dumped over a row of lightbulbs on the ground. It's not exactly my proudest moment.

"No, now you're busy."

As it turns out, they don't even sell these stupid things at Home Depot. I found what I was looking for in Office Depot. Life's funny like that sometimes. Anyways, that's it for me until Boxing Day at the earliest. Happy Decemberween!


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Man of the Century said...

While you may not be very proud of what you did, you can still take a modicum of pride in the fact that it was far more clever than what most people could come up with in a similar situation.

At 10:09 AM, Blogger jon said...

Yeah, Home Depot has some of the most useless staff I've ever had to deal with.


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