Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Need To Make A Million Dollars

Lately my imagination has been running rapant, trying desperately to come up with a million dollar idea. I haven't really thought of anything feasible yet, as the market is rapidly running out of stupid websites I could invent that are worth a lot of money.

Realistically, any product I invent would only have to impress one person: Puff Daddy. Keeping this in mind, my brain came up with an invention that would rock the psuedo-pharmaceutical world. Anyone with a faulty spam-filter will tell you that there are dozens of products to enhance maleness, marketed to those with popular insecurities, right? I can only assume that most of these are just sugar pills with clever disclaimers that allow them to avoid the FDA. To impress Puff Daddy, I would invent a pill that would mess with the results of paternity tests. Or more acurately, I would invent a pill that claims to mess with the results of paternity tests. I don't suppose it would matter either way.

The only other reasonably feasible idea I have is to create a hair gel strictly marketed to MySpace retards with ridiculous asymmetrical haircuts, but I think that Garnier already beat me to the punch.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Tay said...

My other idea to impress Puff Daddy was to tell him that I'm Rivers Cuomo, and then ask him if I could borrow a million dollars. I think that one actually has a better chance of working.


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