Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Bad Day, Basically

Certainly not the worst day though. Not by a long shot.

I went to get my latest tattoo today. You won't see any pictures of it for a while yet. This is because it is far from being done. With my last inking project, I would have sworn to you that the inside of your elbow is the worst place in the world to be tattooed. I am less than enthused to report to you that I was mistaken. To date, the most painful place I have now been tattooed is the side of my ribcage, just above the abdomen. My appointment was to last for 3 hours, ample time in which to complete this accursed project. But sheer will alone was not enough to endure such pain.

After only 1 hour I was unable to contain my convulsions, my silent tears staining the upholstered table upon which I lay. I blacked out for one second, just one second, before I threw in the towel. It was clear to me that I would need to return later, with tougher skin. Or painkillers, as it were. I'm really stoked about the design, and the outline that's been done so far looks spectacular. You'll be able to see the final product on my birthday, I assure you.

Also, I've joined Facebook. Fuck you. It would seem that this ubiquitous social networking site has actually become mandatory for physical social interaction, dare I say a precursor to it. It's stupid, but if I want to get invited to parties, I had better be as stupid as everybody else. As for the Tay that everybody was previously befriending on this damnable website, I have no answers other than to blame Charles Porter, my doppleganger.


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Man of the Century said...

Congratulations on joining Facebook. I knew you'd break eventually.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Michael said...

And the last of the mighty has fallen...


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